Oak Gas Stoves

Why our flame is so natural…

Our range of balanced flue gas stoves gives a beautiful lazy dancing flame pattern which emulates that of a traditional wood burning stove and with the added features of being Clean, Odourless, Efficient & Easy to use.

Our Technology & Engineering Excellence

From our modern manufacturing facility near the coast in West Glamorgan, South Wales we fully manufacture our range of modern contemporary stoves. Our collection has been designed with the latest gas burning efficient technology, which is inherently safe, delivers a beautiful flame pattern with glowing log embers within an attractive looking stove which will be the key feature in any room.

The stoves are fully controllable from 2kW up to 5.5kW allowing any room to warm quickly from cold. Once at the required temperature the stove is managed thermostatically to maintain the required room temperature. All of our stoves have a twin wall steel body system allowing the stove to produce radiant and convectional heat giving excellent heat distribution to any room. They also give you an excellent view of the flame from whatever your position in the room.


All of our gas stoves have an extremely high efficiency, testing up to 81%. This means they are rated at an A Grade for efficiency as defined for a decorative balanced flue stove. Our technology gives a superior depth and height of flame and our Eco-Flame feature allows the flame to alternate from the back to the front, giving a dancing depth of flame that uses up to 50% less gas.

Safety & Reliability

Our gas stove collection has been fully tested and certified in the UK by one of the leading global independent gas testing bodies, which fully conforms to the British and European standards and is fully CE accredited.

As with any gas appliance safety is of paramount importance, which is why we have built many additional safety features into our stoves to ensure safe and reliable performance.

Fully Remote Controlled

Our stoves are simple to use, you can just sit back and relax. The hand-held remote control allows you to control all of the features of the stove, you can pre-set the thermostatically controlled timer so the stove will come on and go off via the remote control as you would your central heating system.

You can also control the flame picture of the stove by the simple touch of a button, turning the flames from the highest setting to their lowest. Controllability at your fingertips and a fantastic flame picture give you all the advantages of a contemporary wood burning stove but none of the hard work.